Sexy gay massage in Barcelona!

Young Tantra masseur

A young Tantra masseur is difficult to find. Most of Tantra massage therapists are very experienced men who already are over 35 years old. I just turned 30 and I have an amazing experience in erotic massage of all kinds.

Young Tantra masseur

Though Tantra is a huge world of many disciplines. Because it requires a long training. Older Tantra masters say:

“You never achieve total knowledge”.

Yes, I somewhat agree that Tantra is a long way. An endless way to go. And we never stop learning!

Tantra meditation is the key factor to grow spiritually. I know this is a not too demanded asset from a gay masseur though.

Because I can just tell you I have some great experience. I have served hundreds of men and women since the age of 19. So I know the human body, and I know human sexual desires.

Gay Young Tantra masseur

I am just 30 years old. I am in shape, fit, balanced and willing to serve you. So trust me if you fancy a really sexy and very pleasing Tantra massage session.

We can also go a bit further. Check my prices and my extras.

Straight Young Tantra masseur

It is difficult for me to put myself into a single box though. I am bisexual. I fall in love with ladies, I adore women. So all my family and people around me are certain I’m straight.

Though I also like men. Very much, for the record! I always get sexually excited when serving men. For many gay men it is really difficult to understand how this can work. But believe me it does!

I also have a huge client list of bisexual men of all ages. They really do understand me because we are living in a similar lake where the sweet waters come from the mountains and the salty waters are coming in from the sea.

Young Tantra masseur in Barcelona

If you are visiting Barcelona you should have a Tantra massage with me. You will discover a new dimension in sensual pleasure. Check my massage prices!

As I said before, we can go a bit further into Tantra sex. Please check all the options!

Young masseur for Outcall

I can serve you in your hotel room. Let’s be alone in your private space! Also serving apartments in Barcelona city center.

In-call massage

I also use a personal studio if you prefer visiting me. Please send me an SMS whenever you contact me!

If you prefer to rent a different place for hours other than a massage studio we can rent a room. Additional price is 90 € for 3 hours.

Massage offers

I can offer you different massage packages. All of them are different in features and in timing. I am always naked in all of these.

  • 60 minutes Naked massage
  • 75 minutes Naked massage
  • 90 minutes Naked massage
  • 120 minutes Naked massage

Please check the prices page and choose the one you fancy!

I just got back from my american studies and security studies as an international relations business developer. So this job as a tantric masseur is my passion and also the best way to pay my bills.

Easy booking!

Booking a Tantra massage with me is very easy:

SMS Matt: Contact me

Send me an SMS to my cell with your request. I will answer as soon as I can!

Please no voice calls because I am usually working.

See you soon!

If I’m not answering for a long moment, pease contact Paco and his exclusive gay masseurs. Paco usually knows my whereabouts.

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Jorge Sexy • April 5, 2020

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