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Role play massage

Role play massage

Role play massage is the perfect experience for you. If you like to play a certain game to get excited. And if you really enjoy an intimate contact with specific roles.

This can be a relevant part of erotic massage!

Role play massage

I have met many men who like to play a bit with our roles. Because this gets them excited. We can make it as a part of the erotic massage experience I can offer you.

Sometimes is starts like an improvised test.

“Can you imagine you are my doctor? So let’s do the doctor and patient game!”

Sometimes customers ask me directly:

“Can you be my teacher and spank me? I have been a bad boy.”

However please let me know in advance so we schedule a longer session. This way we won’t need to check the watch!

Role play massage examples

The most recurring and popular role play themes are these:

  • Doctor and patient
  • Teacher and student
  • Master and servant
  • Boss and trainee
  • Sergeant and soldier
  • Mechanic and customer

What is your favourite?

Since I am a top in sex I usually play the dominant role. I can adapt though.

As you know, I also like ladies!

Role play massage price

Most of the customers requesting this very special service are aware of the regular prices. Not all masseurs and not all escorts are comfortable with these services.

Customers I served told me It’ also hard to find a match on Grindr and other social media platforms. These kind of practices are not mainstream.

2 hours role play massage session: 400 €
3 hours role play massage session: 600 €
2 hours role play session with sex: 700 €
3 hours role play session with sex: 1000 €

Since I’m not too expert in role play I won’t be charging additional costs. These are the same prices per hour as my regular erotic massages. If there is any specific gear or  instrumental you need please bring it along with you.

Full night boyfriend experience

More and more men are asking me to spend the night. This is why I also thought about a better price to spend a higher amount of time together. We will enjoy massage and also sex.

12 hours: 1500 €
24 hours: 2500 €

Please understand that 12 hours can start at any time. For instance, we can meet at 8 PM. So I will leave your hotel at 8 AM in the next morning.

The sooner you make your reservation the safer you’ll be! I need yo manage my previous appointments.

Boyfriend experience

I will be posting soon something about boyfriend experience. It is a request I got more and more frequently.

Book your role play massage

Please send me an SMS message!

SMS Matt

(No voice calls please. You are free to send SMS and whatsApp)

If I’m not answering you might also call Paco, my assistant. He can speak to you and deal the limits and fares. Paco has my full trust. Paco: +34676648226

Limits of role play massage

My personal limits are pain, blood and scat. Since pleasure is my special I have a hard time dealing with pain. I don’t like suffering at all. I confess I am also not comfortable with causing no sort of pain on you as well.

We could say spanking is what I like to do. Gay spanking is the limit of my role-play service.


Please go on exploring my website: www.gay-massage.sexy

If you need more specific information about a real role play master please check www.male-masseur.com

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Matt • December 5, 2018

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