Sexy gay massage in Barcelona!

No limits massage

No limits massage is exactly what many gentlemen are requesting these days. Because the boundaries are very specific when we speak about massage.

Though those limits are there to break them!

No limits massage

“Please do you allow me to touch you?”

“Can I put my lips on top of this amazing tool?”

“Could we go a bit further?”

These are more and more common questions I get on a daily basis. I always offered much more than plain erotic massage, though.

I just need you to be clear about what you really want from my service.

Since I’m always honest about my services. So I also ask you to be honest about what you want from me.

No limits massage for gay men

Gay men are the most numerous customer segment. I am not totally gay though. You could call me bisexual if you want!

“You ara amazing! And your dick is humongous! You got very excited so let me tell you you are quite bisexual”.

Gay men enjoy my erotic massage like crazy.

No limits massage for ladies

I love women! Because I fall in love with women.

To me it’s really easy and very pleasing to spoil a lady. Because I know how your world of sensuality works.

“I never felt like this before. Like a princess! You really know how to treat a lady! I will call you next time in Barcelona!”

I can be very sweet and tender when making love to a woman. Though I am also very passionate!

You choose how you want me to perform our session!

No limits massage prices

You have quite a range of choices. How far do you want us to go?

  • Erotic massage
  • Sex massage

You can also choose where to have it!

See some testimonials about my services.

  • In-call bodywork at my massage studio
  • Out-call massage in your hotel room

The prices for both services are exactly the same. I only charge transportation to hotels that are far from Barcelona city center.

Please understand erotic massage is not sex. But sex does have erotic massage included if you wish!

What is the next step?

Call me!


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Matt • January 2, 2019

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