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Matt Testimonials

Matt testimonials are the reviews I am earning from my customers. Who sometimes become my friends as well!

I usually keep them in my phone, though sometimes I erase them accidentally.

So they are very valuable to me. These testimonials are the proof my job is fulfilling and satisfying my customers,

Please understand I can not use the names of the customers though. The reasons of discretion are obvious!

You also don’t want your name to be displayed here.

Matt testimonials

This is my first time with a man. I trusted you because you say you are straight and bisexual. So exploring this curiosity I have was best with someone like you. Thank you!

Matt testimonials on gay massage

Your website says you are not gay. I hesitated first but I thought what the hell, I needed to meet you. It is a very hot bodywork what you give so I’m very happy and satisfied. Thank you!

Another masseur recommended you. He was right about everything he told me about you. I finally found an excellent masseur. I’ll be back every time I visit Barcelona!

Matt testimonials on gay sex

It was difficult to trust a guy who describes himself as bisexual. Especially to have sex. Because I expected you to top me. Let me just say you have been amazing. Very passionate! And also sweet. The best shag in a long time!

I have never seen a bigger penis than yours. I admit big monster-cocks turn me on as hell. So to have the best sex I just need this. Finally I could put my hands and —my mouth— on such an amazing rod.

The time I spent with you has been just wonderful. You behaved as if we were boyfriends. You took care of me, you pampered me, you kissed me. We had sex like true lovers. Suddenly the time was over though. Next time I will hire you for a full night!

Matt testimonials on straight massage

As a mature woman I have seen plenty of fake male escorts. You are honest about everything you say on your website though. We had wild sex, exactly what I expect from a straight man. Handsome, virile and passionate. You could anticipate my needs and you fulfilled me.

I don’t like the fact you are also serving men. But your presence is so special that I forgot about the this and the rest of the world. I felt as the only woman on Earth. Hoping to see you again soon!

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