Sexy gay massage in Barcelona!



Gay massage is a special service. Well, this is no news for you, I’m sure!

So it is usually performed by gay men —gay masseurs— on gay men. In Barcelona you can find several masseurs these days. Are you looking for the best masseur in Barcelona though?

Gay massage

As you might already wonder, gay massage is a bit unclear term.

Usually many straight people think everything “gay” is about sex.

Limits between therapy massage, erotic massage and sex are blurry in these territories though.

I will only speak about my own service though. And my service is erotic and intimate.

I am a professional masseur. Sometimes an escort as well ;-)

Erotic gay massage

I am specialized in erotic Tantra massage. It is such a special kind of therapy which involves some man on man intimacy. It involves you being naked —I am always naked as well for a specific massage menu or therapy.

Erotic massage also involves climaxing. So Tantra massage is about a very blissful and intimate stimulation on your whole body. It does not only focus on sexual parts but on your whole body though. As they say, it is s sublime bodywork that will take you close to climaxing. On top of that you have the final word about ejaculating or not.

Erotic gay masseur

So my name is Matt. I am a really expert masseur, specialized in erotic therapies. I am almost 6 feet tall, smooth toned and defined body, so quite strong. I’m training muscles 3-4 times a week, using a healthy and also a very balanced nutrition plan. You can see my picture.

The words that best describe —according to my customers— are: sexy, sympathetic, expert, balanced, flexible, grounded and professional.

I am also punctual. I respect your schedule and never promise something I know I won’t do.

You are welcomed to visit my other website, with displays much more content about gay massage and new pictures: www.male-masseur.com

Erotic gay massage menus

You are welcomed to check all of my massage therapiesExtremely Erotic. I can offer a wide range of prices though. This way I can adapt to specific demands and to a range of budgets.

If you have any question please contact me! I will be very happy to answer and serve you!

See you in Barcelona!

Please visit www.male-masseur.com as well to check the news and informations posted today!

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