Sexy gay massage in Barcelona!



Matt is this young and endowed gay masseur. He is serving erotic massage for men and women in Barcelona.

Please be aware he is well endowed. We warned you!

Out-call gay massage

He can travel to your location, wherever you are.

Matt and any of the male masseurs in this group can travel to your location in and around Barcelona. Please mention your location by making your request. This way we will be able to plan much better!

In-call gay massage

All the masseurs inn this team are sharing the gay massage studio with Paco. So if you wish to visit Leo, Matt, Fred for Tom at this studio please contact Paco as soon as possible. Make your reservation the earlier to avoid overbooking!

Since these days the in-call option is the most requested, and we have a limited capacity to serve you at our studio.

Matt and straight massage

This handsome masseur is also serving ladies. Our friend Diego is also serving ladies, so you have two options.


Please check all the massage options and prices.


Please find out how to contact us here.