Sexy gay massage in Barcelona!

Fred gay masseur Barcelona


Fred is my Brazilian friend. He is this extremely sexy guy on the picture. Because he is a very disciplined sportsman. So take a look at his six-pack!

Above all, all his pictures are recent and genuine.

Me (Matt), Leo, Fred, Jack and all my masseur fellows only show our true photographs. You may find their pictures on other sites. Though don’t let other guys fool you with stolen pictures.

here you can see all of us together: gay masseurs Barcelona.

We are always on the honest side of the story. Though it feels irritating to see your pictures stolen, we prefer to show ourselves exactly how we are. With us you’ll never have a bad experience!

About Fred

Fred is frequently traveling. He is in Barcelona most of the time. He also has recurring customers in Madrid and Canary Islands, so sometimes he might be out of town.

Asa you can see, it is relevant you contact me ahead of time to find out his current location.

If he happens to be out of town please let me suggest you check Leo. I also suggest Tom and Jack, two really amazing guys!

The shy masseur

My friend Fred is shy. It sometimes seems an oxymoron for two reasons.

First off, are Brazilians shy?

Second is that many men say that having this kind of job we are expected to be talkative and easy going.

You’ll see though that Fred is an amazing guy. He shares the warmth and hospitality that make Brazilians famous in their country. And also around the world.

Fred’s massage prices

Fred can serve you in your hotel as well. He prefers his own private apartment though.

He is living in a very central area of Barcelona, close to gay hotels. So right inside the famous “Gayxample” or Gay Eixample area.

He charges some extra tax fares when visiting hotels or private apartments.

We both share the same fares. Basically we are offering the same kind of services. Please check all the options on massage prices.

Because we also offer the same range of services. From erotic massage to full service. We are both true versatile men.


My friend is earning amazing reviews. Many guys contact me sending an SMS after they had a massage with him. All of them are amazed by his body and his sympathy.

“Fred gave me a wonderful experience. Because he is so giving and generous!”

“He certainly is a very talented sex worker!”

“Brazilians just do it better. And Fred is the most passionate lover I ever had”.


Sometimes we are so busy we could say we are booked out.

So due to our overwhelming agenda the easiest way is contacting our friend Paco. Because when he’s free he is also answering this secondary phone number.

Paco: +34676648226

Other ways of reaching us on contact.

See you soon in Barcelona!