Sexy gay massage in Barcelona!


Couples massage

Couples massage is also one of my favourite massage services!

So I am also gay couples, bisexual couples and straight couples. In other words, all sorts of couples!

Since I am bisexual this is absolutely natural to me!

In fact you have two options you need to decide about first. Do you want an erotic massage or do you wish to have sex with me?

Because both services are different, so the hay different features and different prices.

Massage for couples

Good news! The price for a couple is not twice the individual price!

So when serving two people at the same time I’m just charging 1.5 times the individual price. For example:

One hour massage for couple: 300 €

90 minutes massage for couple: 450 €

Two hours massage for couple: 600 €

Sex for couples

The same criteria applies on the sex “all the way” service. So:

One hour sex for couple: 500 €

90 minutes sex for couple: 750 €

Two hours sex for couple: 1000 €

Please feel free to contact me if you have any question!

Individual massage prices

Sex massage individual fees

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