Sexy gay massage in Barcelona!



I can offer you a range of different massages, services and prices. Fortunately I have something for almost everybody who values eroticism and safe sex!

Of course the longer the session you choose the more things can be done. My sessions start with a 60 minutes therapy. Though you are free to ask me for a longer session of 75, 90 minutes and even 2 hours.

There are two erotic temperature levels:

Both of them are the most elaborate gay massages you’ll ever find. From naked massage to sex massage including oral sex and penetration.

You are not going to miss this!

Then you have four choices for massage session length: 60, 75, 90 and 120 minutes. The longer the session the more complex and abundant amount of erotic techniques we will be able to practice.

Let’s check the 60 minutes prices first:

One hour massages

Naked Massage 200 €

Sex massage 350 €

75 minutes massages

Naked Massage 250 €

One hour and a half

The 90 minutes massage prices are proportional, as all others:

Naked Massage 300 €

Oral Sex and Penetration 500 €

Two hours massages

Time flies. One hour is too short most of the times. So just 30 minutes more can also fall short. Be safe and book the 2 hours session! This is the really thorough erotic skin to skin communication massage, amazing and for extremely expert massage customers and gentlemen who value quality sex:

Naked Massage 400 €

Oral Sex and Penetration 700 €

If you prefer spending the night together please let me know at least one day before. This way I will be able to manage my schedule.

Text Matt: +34 692 479 477

Massage for couples

I am also serving all sorts of couples: gay couples, bisexual couples and straight couples.

When serving two people at the same time the price is 1.5 times the individual massage price. For example:

One hour massage for couple: 300 €

90 minutes massage for couple: 450 €

One hour sex for couple: 500 €

90 minutes sex for couple: 750 €

If you need more than one masseur please contact Paco on www.male-masseur.com


If you have any doubt please message me! I will be very happy to answer you!

Discounts and bargaining

Please note that I never deal these prices. Bargaining is un-polite and rude. Just have in mind that I usually earn tips instead of discount requests.

You also need to know the fact I am requested above my availability. So I won’t be wasting your time with endless conversations to change my fees. If you need somebody with low cost prices that’s not me!


I am usually in massage sessions. So if I’m not answering please call Paco and ask him about my availability:

Text Matt: +34 692 479 477

Phone Paco: +34 676 648 226

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