Sexy gay massage in Barcelona!

Massage for women

Massage for women performed by a straight men.

Many ladies do ask me why the name of this website is “www.gay-massage.sexy”. The reason is as simple as the fact that most of the requests are coming from men.

Though I’m bisexual. I used to be straight for many years. I share with you ladies the fact that I’m very open minded.

So why do I offer this?

Because more and more ladies are deciding to enjoy an erotic massage for women.

“I’m worth it!”

You women are taking control over your life. In all aspects!

So not only to buy cosmetics and fashion, but also to live up your erotic fantasies.

Massage for ladies

You ladies have all the rights to enjoy the sweetest pleasures in life!

From traveling to cuisine. Wearing the coolest fashion to wearing sexiest perfumes!

Absolutely also male company and sexy massage!

So more and more independent women decide to enjoy some erotic massage once they are abroad. As they tell me:

“I’m on a business trip to Barcelona. I know my husband is requesting massage whenever and wherever he’s traveling. So why should I refrain from enjoying it?”

This lady though was visiting Barcelona as a tourist:

“Men in this city are really hot! So I’m feeling sexy and I deserve having exactly what I want. When I found your website I thought “This is the guy I face!”

So what about my locals? Women in Barcelona are very hot!

“My husband know I’m visiting you, and this makes him very very horny. Once I come back home I need to tell him how was your massage. This works as some sexy verbal foreplay. Then we make love passionately. So in some ways you help me as a couple therapist!”

Erotic massage for women

Erotic massage is excellent for ladies when you feel horny. And also for all those who feel frigid and wish to proof themselves they still are able to feel some fire inside.

On the other hand, some ladies complain about their husbands. Boredom, routine, you name it!

“My husband is a big too quick. I love foreplay though! You did an excellent job, from the very first minute!”

Some very shy ladies tell me this instead:

“I guess I lost sexual desire. So I need to experience excitement and intimacy with a man who’s really expert. Somebody like you, who knows how to treat a woman”.

Tantric massage for women

Did you ever try a tantric massage? That’s an awesome ritual!

  • Explore intimate awareness
  • Loose track of time
  • Connect to your partner —me!
  • Discover new sexual stimulations
  • Try yoni massage
  • Make the pleasure last for much longer time!

As you can see, Tantric massage has many a benefit.

Yoni massage for women

The word “yoni” is the Sanskrit term to mention the vagina. It is a very specific and professional term. We Tantric masseurs use it to mention the massage on the female sexual organs. From the vagina itself to clitoris, and all the sensitive areas around it.

So Yoni massage is a full discipline by itself. Of course you need to have a training for it.

Though training is not enough! You need to love women!

Gay masseurs can incidentally give you some yoni massage as well, but your experience is much better when the therapists also gets excited by doing it.

That’s me!

Couples massage for ladies

I’m also serving couples. There are some more options though:

  • I can give you both a simultaneous massage
  • Ask me to come over with a female therapist
  • I can use your husband as an assistant —you’ll feel like the princess!
  • Let me teach you how to re-connect as a sexual couple

If you wish, me and another straight masseur can serve you simultaneously. This is what we call a 4-hands massage. Extremely hot!

You already got it, but just in case: out goal is your pleasure!

In-call massage for women

I’ll be happy to welcome you at my massage studio in the city center. It is set up as an absolutely private and secret apartment. We have a Japanese bed so we can indulge in the hottest body to body massage.

We also have a full equipped separate room for friends. Because it is legitimate that you want to enjoy our massages individually.

So when are you coming over?

Contact me over SMS so we can discuss the details.

The prices are exactly the same. So your choice!

By the way, it is always elegant to introduce yourself. For instance:

Hi Matt! I’m Katty and I’m visiting Barcelona these days. Do you have any availability for a hot massage? I’m also thinking about asking you some oral sex. Is this possible?”

Finally, and if you are a straight couple who also wishes to have lady, please visit www.hotelmassage.eu to check the available female masseuses!

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Jorge Sexy • March 2, 2020

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