Sexy gay massage in Barcelona!

Fred gay masseur Barcelona

Fred gay masseur

Fred gay masseur is the new guy in town! He is this wonderful male masseur.

If you like perfect muscle bodies you’ll also like Fred! Let me introduce you to his personal profile as a way to start.

Who is Fred?

Fred is a very young and amazing Brazilian guy. As you can see on the picture he is tall (as much as 180 cm), perfectly defined, smooth and very handsome. He is also very well endowed!

Fred is a passionate gay escort. With him your session will be more than exciting. He is irresistible. Though being sometimes shy, Fred is able to control your orgasm using his personal techniques.

“Fred is so shy, but I guess this makes him even sexier. He is so natural though, he is never acting or pretending to be who he’s not. I love his spontaneity!”.

Fred can perform deep tissue Swedish massage. But of course you’ll prefer his blissful sensual massage. Why wasting your time on massage if you can enjoy him all the way?

Fred gay masseur

Fred is usually offering erotic massage for gay men. This is an amazingly hot bodywork. You can choose among 4 different session times. The longer the therapy, the more features and the hotter it gets. Fancy a shower with him?

To check is prices please scroll down.

Fred gay escort

For a start, Fred is also performing gay sex massage. Usually massage therapists don’t cross this red line. Fred does though! Besides, Fred prefers the sexually most explicit bodywork, crossing all red lines and limits. So we can’t call it erotic massage anymore. Instead it is the full intimate experience.

Fred is very requested among gay men escorts customers. He is totally versatile and can adapt to a wide range of requests.

Please check also his options scrolling down towards the prices.

Fred gay massage
Fred gay massage

Unforgettable Fred gay masseur

Yes, Fred left behind in Madrid a large legion of admirers, fans and seduced men of all kinds. He is incidentally spending some days in Barcelona. Isn’t this an amazing privilege?

“I just had so much fun with Fred! I just wish he’s coming back to Madrid the sooner the better! No other man is able to make me this happy.”

Trust his expertise. Because Fred is very shy, but he is a wild cat in bed.

Fred’s prices

Fred can offer you different erotic massage prices.

  • One hour naked massage:
  • 75 minutes naked massage:
  • 90 minutes naked massage:
  • Two hours naked massage:

Once you take your decision please contact to discuss the pricing.

SMS Matt

(No voice calls please. Though you are free to send SMS and whatsApp)

See you in Barcelona!

Finally, did you know you have also other amazing options?

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Then use the contact phone on that website to go ahead with you’re request!

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Jorge Sexy • April 2, 2020

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