Marco is this amazingly well endowed Brazilian. Capable of extremely intense and passionate sessions, where massage feels a too narrow experience.

Unfortunately he is not available anymore, but the good news is John is much better!

Marco is rock hard and defined, also in the muscular sense.

His minimum therapy is the 60 minutes interactive tantric massage. If you wish to include oral it is 250 €.

Though most of his clients are aware that one hour just flies in the blinking of an eye. So his most popular massage session is the 90 minutes massage session of 300 euros. With oral the final price is 350 euros.

We advise you: you shouldn’t miss him! He’s a real jewel and all his clients ask him back the next time they come to Barcelona!

Please check all other massage options and prices. They are the same for all the masseurs advertising on this site.

The unique Marco

Some clients told us they found other masseurs with the same name “Marco”. Of course nobody has the exclusive Copyright to use this name. And Marco just chose it because he feels comfortable “wearing” it.

The picture he is showing here is he’s genuine photo. Nobody else than the guy in this picture will be the one serving you.

As we always say, we are honest. So the picture you choose is the guy serving you! That’s why we show pictures here: so you make your personal choice!

Hard muscle

And many other hard things, that’s what Marco has to offer. because Marco is aware that many gentlemen want the masseur to be rock hard. So don’t expect less than this. You know you’d esrev it.

Please contact ahead of time to make your reservation. You guess Marco is very requested, and he donors all his appointments.

You are also welcomed to check Benito, Jorge, and Leo!

As you can see, there’s a lot of sexy guys to choose from. So the decision might be also very hard.