Jorge was born in Barcelona. He is a few years over his 30, always handsome, sexy and ready for the hottest therapies!

He is also working as a fitness trainer, so his amazing physical shape is easy to understand.

Jorge delivers ver sexy massage experiences, and he can go fritter as well.

He is able to build a unique chemistry with you, thanks to his intuition and flexibility. After his massage you feel satisfied as ever!

Always polite, nice and discrete, Jorge fulfils the most demanding gay clients!

How can Jorge serve you?

Jorge can serve you in two ways. First, at this massage studio, and the second option is of course your place, be it a private apartment or a hotel room.

He is very requested during the weekdays, so you’ll be much better off if you call or place your booking ahead of time.

Jorge is also available during the weekends —though not always—, so it is a good idea to request his availability in advance.

Jorge’s services

Any of his massages and service can be the best idea. Jorge is absolutely reliable, and always hit the right key, whatever your preferences are.

His erotic massage is a really hot experience!

Did you know he is also able to spend much more time with you? This is what we call the boyfriend experience. Feel like in a true relationship, with all the sense of complicity and intimacy —you’ll probably never achieve with anyone else.

Other Massages

Jorge is a natural. You’ll see how everything will flow really naturally and spontaneously with him. No matter if a short —one hour— massage or spending a night.

You can’t be wrong with him!

What is 4 hands massage

Every man has two hands —usually. So you need two masseurs to have a four-hands massage experience.

Jorge works seamlessly with all other professional masseurs.

For example, these are the masseurs he has been performing the most 4-hands massages. Though he can also work with all others!




Please contact us and feel free to request any sort of additional information!

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