We are a group of masseurs. The reason we are together as a team is to share a strategy to advertise ourselves se we can share expenses.

We are not jealous among us, so it doesn’t matter who you use for your massage. Oftentimes our clients are switching masseurs to try different styles and different experiences. It is absolutely ok with all of us!

First off, our goal is performing the highest quality and highest value erotic bodywork.

The second reason is we want to restrict our team only to extremely good looking and sexy masseurs.

These days we are:

Here you can see all of us:

Also the fact that we are serving extremely hot and intense experiences sets us apart.

Endowment is also a relevant asset. Our customers and ourselves value this big detail. So all of us are really well endowed, far above average.

We don’t offer therapy massages. Sometimes a gentleman wants a therapy massage though. It is okay with us as long as he’s paying our basic fee of 200 € per hour. Our clients are very demanding and value the facial beauty and the body beauty, even though they don’t wish to have any sensual bodywork.

Our industry is erotic massage, absolutely. If this is what you expect, you’ll have the best experience by hiring us!

The best way we have to fulfil your dreams are your messages. Please be clear about your expectations.

  • Session time length
  • Extras (oral and more, also fetish)

We are always honest, and we expect you to be as well. We are all adults so save the games for your children and nephews.

Though we receive many requests on a weekly basis, we are very strict with our quality guidelines. We don’t work with random guys looking for money. This is our job, we take it seriously. besides, this is our calling!

Finally, if you wish you can contact us now.