Therapy massage

Therapy massage is what most of people call “legitimate massage”. Consequently this means there is no sensuality involved.

Many men and women prefer this kind of massage when they have sore legs, tense backs or exhausted feet and hips. Because work and social life can have bad effects on your physical well-being. Sometimes also the practise of sports!

So having a nice massage is a wise way to enjoy and feel better.

Therapy massage

I guess everybody knows what a therapy or chiro-practical massage is about. This is a very specific therapy treat that has these goals:

  • Release from tensions
  • Work on the muscles to release cramps
  • Re-invigorate specific body parts

Massage means we use the hands. Because the work “chiro” is the Greek term for “hand”.

Gay therapy massage?

Gay men are the friskiest in the world! As you know, you start ordering a legitimate massage and then you end up having dinner together. And sometimes also spending the night with your masseur!

Well, we are some of those guys who are in for the game!

Because we can start with a nice massage and let things flow freely. Where is all this taking us?

Passion is a mystery, and life is able to take you to the most surprising places!

We just ask you to be very honest from the start. If you are thinking of something like what I just described, please say so. As you guess, we hate surprises and dishonesty.

There’s another reason though. We are frequently booked ahead of time. Maybe we already have a request to spend the night. In this case we don’t want to waste your time testing us.

Massage with a twist

As you bet, we are used to all of these “surprises”. Because we will probably share some really nice chemistry. Things warm up.

The moment you know, you grab my intimate parts. We touch each other, and the massage goes to a whole new level.

Many guys call this “having an upgrade”.

Price for therapy massage

Since this is the most common finale for our sessions, we already charge the price for erotic massage.

Though most of us are really excellent with true deep tissue, we don’t know why folks end up grabbing our stuff.

So there is no reduced price for a “real therapy massage”. The reason is as easy as this: once you meet us, you won’t resist. Even against your will. Though it’s not us making the move!

Exactly the guys who expect a reduced price for legitimate bodywork are the ones doing the bolder moves. You are all welcome though!

One hour therapy massage

90 minutes therapy massage

Two hours therapy massage

There are also specific prices for even more services. As sex massage. Check them all and see how far we can go. We can also spend a whole night or a couple days!

other options for massage prices.

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