Couples massage

Couples massage
Couples massage

Couples massage is also one of our favourite massage services! Because we just love massage! It’s our passion!

So we are also serving gay couples, bisexual couples and straight couples. In other words, all sorts of couples! We are quite sure you are one of the formulas we like to serve!

Serving some exciting massages is a wonderful job we also do enjoy!

As you guess, being professional also means being passionate!

And since some of us are bisexual this is absolutely natural to us! We love the special chemistry of all sorts of couples!

We serve gay couples, bisexual couples and straight couples!

In fact you have two options you need to decide about first though. Do you want an erotic massage or do you wish to have sex?

Because both services are different, so they have different features and consequently different prices. And different therapists!

Couples massage: what is it?

The word is quite self-explaining though. It is a massage for couples to enjoy together.

Usually one of us is serving both of you at the same time. This feels like a sort of three-some —it can be a real three-some, in fact!

Sometimes though you’ll want another masseur. So we would be 4 human beings in the room. Please text us and ask who is available. Also if you want the second masseur to be a male or a female. All options work with us!

We can serve you in your hotel. Though we also have a massage studio you can visit. Right in the city of Barcelona!

Massage for couples

Good news! The price for a couple is not twice the individual price (when serving one masseur).

So when serving two people at the same time we are just charging 1.5 times the individual price. For example:

One hour massage for couple: 300 €

90 minutes massage for couple: 450 €

Two hours massage for couple: 600 €

Sex for couples

The same criteria applies on the full “all the way” service. So:

One hour sex for couple: 500 €

90 minutes sex for couple: 750 €

Two hours sex for couple: 1000 €

Available therapists

Choose among all the masseurs, though it is relevant we speak on the phone. Every therapist is good for some specials, so random choices are not the safest bet!

Do you wish to choose female masseuses? Please check hotel massage for straight couples!

Please feel free to contact if you have any question!

Individual massage prices

Sex massage individual fees