The new Gay Prostate Massage also prevents cancer

Gay prostate massage
Gay prostate massage

Gay prostate massage is this blissful treat! Not only gay men like prostate massage. You would be amazed if you knew how many straight men enjoy this as well!

I can offer you a very hot male massage. Because I am a very hot male massage therapist. See my pictures and imagine how sensual I can be with you!

Not everybody wants it though. So gentlemen who don’t want to try it can tell me so we don’t even try it. There is absolutely no problem by skipping these grips!

Please check the best prostate masseurs in Barcelona: John, Jorge, Benito, Yamal and Leo!

What is prostate massage

Prostate massage is for your pleasure. This is a very specific feature I’m always including in my massage bodywork. Check my other posts about other features as naked massage, sex massage etc.

Your prostate massage has been the best ever! You just master this stuff!”

Some men asked me if this can heal a sexual dysfunction, or a chronic prostatitis. Well the logical answer is that one single session can’t work miracles.

So for the time being we will be focusing on your sensual pleasure!

Though men with prostate cancer are better not enjoying this without medical supervision.

How does it work in a gay massage

Gay male massage means you are a man and you choose another man to serve you this massage. This does not mean you must be gay though. I’m not gay, honestly. I also like ladies. So does this make me bisexual?

We can have a nice conversation about all this ;-)

Enjoy it in Barcelona!

This really blissful body massage is just the start of an amazing experience!

Now you are visiting Barcelona you certainly should experience this. For the first time —I am absolutely safe, clean and healthy!

Or you can have this for the hundredth time! Because I’m very expert and you’ll feel it absolutely new and different!

You can also choose sex massage if you please.

My service goes quite beyond therapeutic massage though. You’ll also be able to climax. So this is what many call “happy ending”.

Outcall massage service

My out-call massage service is probably the best of Barcelona. I can serve you literally wherever you are in the city. I’m not charging taxis, not even for late night massage calls.

Because my only goal is giving you the pleasure you expect!

It is my pleasure to be working for you!

So if you need gay in-call massage please let me know. We will need to rent a space and this has a small extra cost though.

Book your best prostate massage

It is as easy as sending me a request the sooner the better.

You can use SMS since sometimes I’m in massage sessions and unable to answer immediately.

Contact me!

Finally, you can also check Leo and his website Gay Massage Barcelona if you need a cheaper service.