Gay massage Barcelona
Gay massage Barcelona

Welcome to gay massage Barcelona with Jorge, Leo, Benito, Yamal and John! Sometimes also Luca and Yamal available.

Contenido en castellano: Masaje Gay en Barcelona.

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First off, our services are for demanding gentlemen. Precisely so for gentlemen who, as you, are requesting the highest quality in all possible aspects.

I don’t want just a good massage. I want it to be excellent! The therapist also needs to meet my highest expectations. Nice defined body and extra large endowment”.

Our newest gay masseur is John. All clients who previously fell in love with Matt now switched to John, and they say he’s much better in all aspects! More handsome, more professional and genuinely excited —sexually aroused— with you!


John is this scoundrelish but nice and masculine guy who can turn to animal sex in a heartbeat. Dominating though very adaptive, John can go from vanilla to tough —your choice! He is absolutely fit, practicing sports almost daily, and with a warm and sexy hairy skin. He really feels and smells as a real man! His endowment is absolutely amazing.

You have never seen or touched —or sucked— a dick like his before. Let’s bet?

John’s sexual instincts are passionate but smart, always hot and to the point, never wasting your time. With him you’ll discover a brand new dimension in sex, because he gets genuinely excited with you.

Advertising: John

John sex massage
John sex massageJohn sex massage

Advertising: Benito

This sexy Brazilian is more on the butch side. Benito is in his early 30’s, 5 feet tall though super endowed!

So if you want to get straight to the point and know my fees please check their massage prices! (Scroll down).

Advertising: Jorge

Tall, sender but very defined and also with a cucumber shaped thick dick! Jorge is this extremely expert gay masseur!

Advertising: Leo

Defined, slender though extremely frisky! Leo is ideal for long sessions with all sorts of position changes.

Advertising: Yamal

Though also very carnal, Yamal is perfect for a very spiritual and intimate Tantric connection.

Advertising: John

Joan gay massage Barcelona
Joan gay massage Barcelona

Please make sure to book John sex massage with one day advance, since he is very busy. In other words you should be somewhat flexible to adapt to his schedule. Please have in mind John has specific prices and —as all other masseurs here— is never dealing his fees —bargaining is such a nasty practice! We all hate it.

Finally, please check all the different services all these excellent masseurs are about to offer you! While Gay massage is just the start!

Visiting Barcelona?

You maybe already visited la Rambla, Sagrada Familia and also the designer shops at Passeig de Gràcia. Maybe also Park Güell, Tibidabo, Barceloneta and the modernist quarter or Golden Square.

So now it is time for some pampering, some blissful treatment to relax your muscles. And finally indulge into some sensual and —why not— sexy stuff.

After all this is exactly what our erotic Tantra massage can do for you. So take our hands and discover a new world of bliss!

Gay massage Barcelona

Obviously Barcelona is a very gay city and you will be able to find a huge amount of gay plans to enjoy. So not only dinner, saunas, gay discos, gay bars, gay movies, gay beaches, bath houses… the offer is endless. It is just about setting your wish list and priority levels though.

So how about some hot gay massage Barcelona?

We can also come directly to your hotel room to serve you the best massage ever! And the hottest, as you guess!

Of course we can also welcome you at the gay massage studio!

So trust your gay masseurs in Barcelona to enjoy the real quality experience!

Gay massage service

Our bodywork specials can be described as erotic massages. All of these are included:

  • Naked massage
  • Sensual massage
  • Full body massage
  • Body to body massage
  • Lingam massage
  • Prostate massage
  • Ejaculation massage
  • Happy ending massage

There are many more massage grips and massage styles besides these. We will be covering them in future posts. As for now these are quite descriptive of the job we are offering you. As you guess, the surprises during the session are always welcomed!

Massage extras

Unlike other masseurs, we also offer some extras which are more on the sexual side.

John is the best example to understand all the range of special practices you can comfortably request and enjoy with any of these masseurs!

Book your massage

Please check our massage prices and go ahead with your booking!

Our erotic gay massage Barcelona is something unique in the world. Difficult to describe though amazing to live up.

Any questions? Please contact if you have any doubts and also to make your reservation.

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