New bisexual masseur Barcelona: meet John!

Finding a true bisexual masseur Barcelona is hard. I can tell you this because I have my experiences looking for masseurs to adapt to very specific assignments. Though I only could find straight men who need the money no matter if serving gay men.

And the other way around as well. Gay men who did not feel attracted to ladies and just did the gig for money.

If what you want is a true bisexual masseur Barcelona then you just found John!

My wife and me felt your genuine engagement in our session. John’s job has been the best ever! We will be coming back to Barcelona just to see you again!”

Recently we also started to work with John. He is one of the guys in the best massage directory Barcelona. So give him a try if you need two bisexual guys!

Bisexual masseur Barcelona

I have been contacted by many bisexual couples. What happens when a straight couple chooses a male masseur? I’ll tell you how it should be, though. The male masseur has to feel naturally attracted to both male and female receivers of the massage.

Serving sensual massages to men and women is not just whatever job though!

We need to value honesty. I can’t understand guys who don’t feel excited by their massage customers, whatever the gender.

More so when serving a really hot sex massage! The lady wants to see the male masseur excited as well. As you now, only a true bisexual masseur can offer this special feature.

True bisexual masseur Barcelona

John feels naturally attracted to women. Ever since! His girlfriends, his ex wife, his sexual encounters are 50% male and female.

Though during the last years John has been developing some more interest for men. Without losing sexual and emotional interest for the ladies, of course!

Obviously John shares many emotional aspects with other men. Knowing his own anatomy, his own sexual tricks also makes it very easy to enjoy male company.

John loves women! And men as well! So he is the true bisexual masseur!

Erotic masseur Barcelona

Erotic massage is a very safe way to share eroticism. As you know, John loves men and women!

I see erotic massage as foreplay —but we can go much further”.

This is what some gentleman told him recently.

On the other side, his female customers value this “foreplay” like crazy.

Most straight men don’t really give a sheet about foreplay. This is what I enjoy the most in my sexual encounters. And you master it, John!”

Yes, and this is the necessary step to build up the most intense sexual contact. With John you will feel it gradually —if you wish! Because this is one relevant advantage of erotic massage!

Contact us!

Whoever you are, John will be very honored to serve you!

Lastly, please contact us after checking the massage prices.

See you soon!

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