Sexy gay massage in Barcelona!



Contact me and enjoy the hottest bodywork in Barcelona! You are welcomed to contact me anytime.

SMS contact

SMS me here: +34 692 479 477

You can ask for Matt (me) and also for my Brazilian friend Fred.

email contact

Or send me an e-mail for a long-term reservation (not for tonight): matt.tantra.bcn@gmail.com

Check my massage menus before calling or texting me please!

Contact phone

You cal also place a voice call.

Please call: +34 692 479 477

I am not always answering though. Sometimes I’m busy, so the best option is recording your message. And also sending me an SMS with your clear request. I will answer asap!

Warning for time wasters: I have an amazing radar for guys who just want to swap pics or chat. You have no chance with me.

I am focusing on gentlemen who really wish to experience a real life bodywork.

Contact option

Please make sure to visit www.male-masseur.com as well to check the newest informations —also posted today!

Maybe I’m not answering right now because I’m busy. Then please phone Paco. So feel free to ask him to schedule an appointment with me. Paco knows my whereabouts at all times. This means you are absolutely safe talking to him!

If you met him before you already know he will get out of his way to help us!

SMS Paco: +34 676 648 226

Short note about Paco and me

Paco and me have been working together for some years now. We feel really comfortable with each other so we plan to work together forever. There is absolutely no jealousy between us. Because we have very different targets when it comes to men and customers. I mean customers prefer either me or him. There is a very small amount of guys who like us both. The brilliant exceptions are those guys who want us to deliver our amazing four hands massage!

As you can see, we are very different in physical aspects. And also about our massage styles.

This means you can call him and ask for me. He will get out of his way to help you and make our meeting possible.

Since I’m having a quite busy schedule please make sure to contact me ahead of time. Don´t risk hoping for the luckiest last minute appointment!

See you soon in Barcelona!

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